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Chef Experience

Chef Experience

Complimentary in-person consultations to discuss food allergies, meal-time goals, and tastes and preferences. 

Personal Chef Meals

Menus are tailored to any dietary need or taste. Each personal chef meal consists of individual desired proteins and sides. Chef Michael handles grocery shopping, food preparation, and reheating instructions. 

  • $175 for three meals + groceries.*

  • $195 for five meals + groceries.*

  • $220 for seven meals + groceries.*

*Typically saves $40-100 a week in grocery or dining out costs. 

Private Chef Experience

Private chef coursed meal prepared in your home for an intimate dinner for two or parties of four or more.
Pricing based on the number of guests and menu.


​Minimum engagement is $175.

  • $175 - 3 meals

  • $185- 4 meals$225- 5 meals

  • $250- 6 meals$

  • $275- 7 meals

Plus cost of groceries 

  • $50 deposit required for weekly grocery shoppinG

  • Dinner parties start at $50 per guest and up depending on menu.

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